Wednesday, October 27, 2010

motown emo

motown moment....trigerring my emotions.

marvin gaye reminds me of the world I'm living now, it may seems hopeless but have faith, human, we will make it through like what Gladys Knight & The Pips said.

good ones always left us earlier than we expected. But pray their legacies stay to remind all of us.


Monday, August 30, 2010

can't find the words, but I'll try

A mini confession that only myself will understand.
Still, I want to make it public, some PDA, pardon me.

The above picture, and the homo sapiens in it, were those that keep reminding me that, if you really want to have a good time, you need to work for it !

What I mean is:
-you need to look hard for good friends,
-you need to make sure you arrange your time well,
-you need to make sure you work hard to earn $, to travel, not TOUR,
-you need to thank God for letting you meeting these people
-make sure family don't worry about you ( sounds easy, but it's a challenge for me )

thanks to all who are shaping and shaped my life, a great journey spent with you so far.
Not only for my Raleigh friends, and also my highschool DT mates, and also random people I've met along the way. Thank you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

of scales, appregios and pieces

Mental is as important as physical. Better to say that mind is controlling the body.

It was already a decision made to meet my piano teacher today and tell her I wanna stop learning.

But after reaching her house, sat down, touched and played the piano, which I had not practiced for 2 weeks, decision changed. The flow of the finger was surprisingly under control though had not practiced for 2 weeks. And I totally love the touch of the grand piano, unlike the piano I previously used during at Chambers Music Center, this is different. It's real and solid. The flame of passion to learn piano revived. It was close call that the ambers of that passion were gone. And my teacher passed me the exam pieces today and I've chosen the pieces for exam, hopefully next year.
tchaikovsky, bach, liszt, gershwin, debussy..du du du du du

Really love piano, as it's so wonderful that notes and dynamics can tell a story. Music is a language. It's universal and engages people right from within.
how can you not fall in love with it....
Luckily I chickened out and did not quit.
Today's my first day learning P at my teacher's house and no longer going the music center.
Sungai Wang makes me dizzy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

puzzle of life

I am enjoying my Monday afternoon at home, with my mom and nephew. Finished 2 cups of tea and reading "What your dog can teach you about living a happy life" by Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber. I am a slow reader, that's why I am still half way reading it. This is cause I was really grasping every meaning of the chapters. It was so meaningful that I think everyone should read it, even though you are not a dog lover and don't understand what's like to have a dog.

So, my summer break started. And I think it's a good time to recollect my thoughts. I spent last summer for expedition. I hope I will spend this summer for "myself". I really wanna find out what I really want. I am 21 now, but still I think I'm yet to think like a 21. Honestly, I have not really find my dreams yet, means I do not know where shall I go after I graduate (though passing my 2nd year's final still an unknown...=P).

Yes, I am greedy, there's so many stuff I wanna do. Especially seeing my friends' photos telling about them traveling around are so much fun and I wanna do that too so badly.
But...after reading that "dog" book, I realized I can be satisfied sometime just sit down under the blue sky, enjoy that afternoon with a cup of tea/coffee and a good book. I admit that I like to simplify complicating stuff and complicates simple stuff. It's all about the balance I'm looking in life. Looking for this balance could be hard sometimes but I believe it's there and we just need to find it. Still, it's because I'm greedy and wanna have a sip of every bits of life. My adaptability, is so high that sometimes I accept too much things and it's not good cause it will make you lose your own standing.

Lately.....I feel I am very far away from my friends, not the physical distance, the distance of our souls. Now, I really don't understand what are they thinking and not sure if I can see them again in the future or chat with them again. One of them is so cool that I admired her actually but now I feel like she's so far away from me now. One of them is so sweet that you can just talk with her anything like there's no barriers, but now I am worry it won't be the same again. And I miss DT so much, that i dreamt of them yesterday.

No matter how hard life become, I know, that there's always family backing me up. I love them. But I think I have taken them for granted sometimes and disappointed them so many times. It's not okay.....I know they have expectations for me, but I hope that they hope for my happiness and I pray hard for their happiness and health too. I know dad seldom tells me about his financial problem, but I know there's a problem, cause it shows in his face. He always says that I do not need to worry, can i not ?! But he loves me,I know. We know, same genes, we just don't know how to show it.

There's so many puzzles in my life waiting to be solved...but is there a solution ? I would say yes and no. It's a wisdom I need to learn how to grab it and let go at the right time, still learning anyway. And I'm not alone, thank god for that. I'm feeling gratitude to have family and great friends around, born in such a beautiful country but not well-governed, but with good food, good drinks, good books, wonderful beliefs.

Yes, thank You for that. It's life, Dino. It's amazing, especially seeing a new-born and how he grows and develop, it just feel amazing. How we the homo sapiens, evolved, is already amazing itself. Sadly, some are going towards the dark age. Luckily, there are always people who fights against that dark force.

Puzzles, are not puzzles, it's all about time,faith and effort.... when all come together as ONE.

" be the change that you want to see in the world"
- Gandhi

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ar-t here ?

Monday, March 29, 2010

one day

Today is Monday, and i will tell you something to help rid some of the blues away:

one day, we are sitting together and chatting, and was asked "what kind of guy you like ?"

i think...and exact answer to this. it took me more than 3days to finally have a good description for it. Though i gave one answer so that the next people could talk, if not all eyes will be on me before i can give a good one.

i think, if he is someone who

  • Knows how to play accoustic guitar like jack johnson,
  • having spirit of john lennon,
  • soul of marvin gaye,
  • playing the piano like chris martin,
  • quirky like sufjan stevens,
  • has a little(or a lot) charisma like jude law,
  • admires bob marley too,
  • sometimes strum the electric guitar like jimi hendrix,
  • possess a black humour like stephen chow,
  • a little naughty like julian casablanca,
  • tanned bod like donnie yan,
  • travel the Wright way (Ian wright from lonely planet),
  • knows how to cook like oliver,
  • skill in making a good cup of kopi
  • maybe surf like jack johnson too,
  • smart like einstein (huh ?!!),
  • and finally, has a look like Ah Shin from mayday.

!! does this guy ever exist ??!!

Strictly for entertainment. Hope it can rid your Monday's blues.

Friday, March 5, 2010

there's challenges all the time...if you have not realized that. We can't runaway from it. The only way to escape from it is to ignore it. But, at the end, i think I'll end up with a blank mind wandering the street without direction.

When someone gave you advice or comments, and then you felt your heart sank and the burden. This is because you knew you can do better but you just didn't, that's why your heart felt that way when you received comment and advice from somebody else, be it positive or negative.